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Marvin Harvey | Author| The Pray'n Mantis
Coming from a small town in Alabama called Sylacauga, Marvin had many challenges growing up as a young boy. He came from a family of five children, with him being the youngest. He would sometimes work construction with his father to earn money for the things he liked. When he graduated high school, Marvin then began soul searching for his purpose of life is in this world. Drawn towards reading the Bible, he learned about Jesus Christ and the one true God I Am That I Am. 

Marvin Harvey -  The Pray'n Mantis

At the age of nineteen, he immediately accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. In 1999, Marvin felt compelled to move to Indianapolis, Indiana to live with his friends, uncle and auntie. This paved a way for him to work on a new way of life hence living in a big city. Marvin then began writing this book The Pray’n Mantis. He also started inventing in the year 2004. With his entrepreneurial spirit, Marvin hopes to one day be considered that name....

Why The Pray’n Mantis is the best paperback book?

The Pray’n Mantis offers a new take on superhero stories. Far from the capes, laser beams, and flame throwers, The Pray’n Mantis uses the most powerful weapon of all: prayer. It’s a story of young twins who are on a mission to overcome the evils of the world.

Written by Marvin Dean Harvey, this epic paperback takes you on a new adventure you’d never seen before. It tackles the test of faith, the war between good and evil, and winning over sorrows.

The Pray’n Mantis offers life lessons to affirm your faith in God. It shows the power of prayer and how it can change the world.

This book is for all ages and both avid and reluctant readers. Set to break the norm, The Pray’n Mantis is written to make its own mark.

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