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In the poorest town called Baylon, two young twins are chosen by God to fight in an unknown battle against evil spirits from Hell. Phoenix Toby being in the spirit becomes Pray’n Mantis the only one God will use to fight His final battle against the Serpent Beast,a prisoner released from Hell by Him for a season to roam into the world with humans. Joseph Toby which in spirit also known as Black Manicon, his job is to work side by side to prepare Phoenix to pray to overcome his flesh and fight in the spiritual form against evil. In God’s holy city called Tamera, a holy king named Sir Arthur Jr. prays for help against armies risen up against his few horsemen and contacts a prophet that gives him instructions to seek out the twins. With Phoenix and Joseph in Sir Arthur Jr.’s army, the battle against the evil army called the Terrordites was won. A greater army soon approached them that was unknown to their world. 

The Pray'n Mantis Overview

This army of demonic spirits was created by the Serpent Beast to go against the I Am Who I Say I Am in Heaven but now working in the bodies of evil men, women and children on Earth. This so caused a spiritual uproar to begin. With all the chaos and wars erupting because of the Beast and his demons, a hero was born to fight against them along with other warriors chosen by the Almighty God to bring back peace among the lands and to save the souls of mankind from extinction. Phoenix knowing that his flesh is his weakness, must learn to pray to God for help, and rely upon his friends from Heaven to guide and teach him about his true powers from within!

As you begin to read The Pray’n Mantis you will realize that what the people are facing along with Phoenix in this fantasy world is actually happening in today’s world. We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against Satan and his demonic forces which in this book I call him the Serpent Beast. Ephesians 6:10-13

Read on and share the victories, the defeats, the sorrows, the joys and ultimately the faith of The Pray’n Mantis.

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